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Dr. Kent H. Webb - Hair Transplant Surgeon in Oklahoma City

Dr. Kent H. Webb

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

» American Board of Surgery Certified

» Named one of America's Top Surgeons in 2010 and 2011

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Making the decision to proceed with hair restoration is a major decision. Just like other purchases in our life we look for the best quality and the best price. Most of us are willing to pay more for quality but at AHRO you get both quality and a fair price. We know there are many good hair clinics available to those searching for their best option. We feel like we can provide a procedure that is technically and artistically superior in quality and value. What separates us from many other clinics is our genuine care and concern for providing the best possible experience for each and every patient. Performing only one or two cases per day allows us to devote our complete attention from arrival to departure. Give us the opportunity to provide you with the new hair you are wanting in an environment that will leave you completely satisfied.

405-631-9705 OR Toll free 855-OKC-HAIR FOR INFORMATION or visit us at http://www.advancedhairok.com

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