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DHI – Global Leaders in Hair Restoration

In 2003, DHI Global Medical Group was the first to advance from the invasive strip extraction (Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT) and pioneered the advanced method of Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE.

After seven more years of extensive research and development, the team introduced the most advanced technique in hair transplantation; known as Direct Hair Implantation, which was patented and trademarked to be offered exclusively at DHI clinics worldwide.

DHI through its rigorous research and constant efforts towards excellence has developed a holistic system of diagnosis, training, processes and quality standards that have been replicated in all the DHI clinics around the world.

The uncontested advantages of Direct Hair Implantation compared with both FUT and FUE, include:

  1. Who performs the procedure?
    The whole hair transplant procedure is performed only by DHI trained and certified doctors only. The assistants are not allowed to touch the patients at all.
  2. How and where are the doctors trained?
    There is no training school for hair transplant in the world. Doctors from other clinics learn on the job without any training protocols. Therefore, poor results are achieved.

    In order to become a certified DHI specialist, the doctors have to undergo a rigorous one-on-one training at DHI International Training Academy before they become eligible to perform DHI procedures. Each and every procedure done by a DHI specialist is reviewed by the DHI Medical Director for quality control. All the DHI specialists go through continuous evaluations and training and are re-certified every year.
  3. Diagnosis
    Most patients ignore the value of an accurate diagnosis. Out of the 10 alopecia types, only a few can be treated through a hair transplant. DHI has developed a comprehensive diagnostic system called UDSA.

    Through the UDSA system, we are able to reliably and confidently identify the root cause of hair loss, its impact on the psychology of the patient and provide a lifetime treatment plan based on the scalp condition. We use sophisticated alopecia test to mathematically ascertain the number of hairs available for transplant and plot them against the requirement. A fair calculation is carried out that about much hair is needed, how much can be extracted so that after a few years if the non-transplanted hair falls off and the client requires another transplant, the scalp does not show bald patches.
  4. Technique
    In DHI, each hair follicle is transferred directly from the client’s donor area to the recipient area. DHI is a completely non-invasive, painless technique with no stitches, no cuts and no scars. DHI instruments are patented and this is the best hair transplant technique in the world – Direct Hair Implantation.
    • Extraction
      The extraction technique is done by highly skilled doctors using a titanium coated sharp punch of diameter under 1 mm. This helps in minimising damage to the remaining hair follicles and does not cause any scars.

      The doctors are highly trained and their transection rate of follicles (damage during extraction) is minimal giving 97% graft survival rate.
    • Follicle Care
      The grafts are segregated by the number of hair in them, counted and placed in a tray at 4-6 degree Celsius to preserve hair follicles. The follicles are implanted immediately to avoid any out of the body damage.

      The patient has complete transparency to count number of hairs extracted. By segregating grafts, the DHI specialist is able to plan the implantation in a highly effective manner.
    • Implantation
      The implantation of the hair follicle is done using a unique and patented tool, the DHI Implanter. It allows the doctor to do the implantation in a single step process and to control the direction, angle and depth of each implanted hair follicle. DHI’s Total Care System protocols ensure adequate density as per ADT (Average Density Target).

      DHI has developed strict protocols regarding hairline designing, distribution, density, merging and grid planning. As a result, each DHI procedure gives 100% natural results.
    • Natural Results
      By adhering to strict protocols of all the 3 steps mentioned above, DHI is able to provide 100% natural results to its clients. DHI provides a guarantee on graft survival ratio of 90% implanted hairs as 10% of hair follicles are always in the Telogen phase.

      37% of our patients are the repair cases which were spoiled by other hair transplant procedures and clinics.
  5. Certifications and Accreditation
    DHI is considered the gold standard in hair restoration with the strongest research advisory board, world-class facilities and US & EU patents. DHI is recognised by ISO, CQC, TUV – Austria, ACHS – Australia and World Health Academy. It has presented over 50 scientific papers worldwide.
  6. DHI Doctors
    All DHI International doctors, nurses and clinic managers are trained, certified and annually evaluated by the DHI International Training Academy. This is the only academy associated with five major public European universities and offers courses to successful and talented candidates to train with the DHI Total Care System for hair restoration.

    We are continuously involved in research and development of hair transplantation techniques. From pioneering the FUE technique and then DHI group is looking at redefining the future of hair restoration industry again.

How are we different from other clinics?

  1. Most of the other clinics do not have a proper diagnosis system in place and propose treatment based on limited information and diagnostic tools. They are not able to diagnose the alopecia type and give a transplant which eventually fails because all kinds of alopecia cannot be treated through a hair transplant. There is no mathematical aspect to the diagnostics to identify the exact requirement and feasibility of hair transplant.

  2. Hair transplant at majority of the clinics is done by doctors who are not either qualified or trained to perform hair transplants. The procedures are performed by assistants/nurses, Homeopathy doctors, Gynaecologists, Dentists etc and hence have no formal training in doing a hair transplant procedure.
  3. The doctors of other clinics performing hair transplant learn it from others, who themselves are not trained. There are no set protocols. So, their practices are based on their personal preferences. These doctors have no hair transplant certification making them medically unsafe. In their effort to learn and master the art of hair transplant and they spoil a lot of cases.

  4. Almost all other clinics use motorised extraction machines for extraction of hair. This causes lifelong scarring to the donor area and there is a significant transection loss due to the heat generated by the drill.
  5. Some clinics use and re-use the instruments meant for single use, jeopardising the medical safety of the patient.
  6. Independent research has shown the industry average graft survival ratio of just 50%. That means half of the implanted hair never grows giving un-natural, sub-optimal results.

Since its establishment in 1970, DHI Global Medical Group has changed the world of hair restoration and as a consequence the lives of thousands of men and women who suffered from hair loss worldwide. Faithfull to its vision, DHI is now changing the world through hair restoration by helping hair loss patients to their lost confidence again!

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DHI is the only organized Hair Implant system in the world. The systems, processes, continuous research and development in the field and the stringent training program make the DHI system the most reliable system in Hair Transplants. DHI gives a guarantee form to our client and promises 80% – 90% growth of implanted hair. DHI also gives a guarantee of 100% natural results.

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