Female Hair Loss Treatment

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Even though baldness is mostly attributed to men, there are several million women all over the globe that fall prey to hair-loss. A more scientific term used for such condition is alopecia. There are further types of alopecia like alopecia barbae and alopecia areata, etc. These vary in their severity as well as causation. While some kinds of baldness are due to hereditary material, others may occur as a symptom of some other affliction to your health.

The perception and social image associated to a woman is such that the bald patches of the scalp become a source of frowning and staring. Female hair loss treatments are exclusively designed to avoid any such inconvenience for you. These methods may alter from the usually practiced male hair loss treatment options, nonetheless these are quite effective.

Allopathic Treatments

Such female hair loss treatment alternatives include the medications and/or surgical procedures recommended by your health physician. The consultant may refer certain medication like supplements of estrogen hormones for women that trigger the hair growth. Females who are past the menopause age basically have some or no supply of estrogen into their bodies. Hence, the oral intake or injections of estrogen may be provided to try and make the hair grow.

A popular medicine that is frequently suggested for female hair loss treatment is called Minoxydil (Rogaine). This is an FDA approved medication that proves to be very much promising. It is effective to an extent that a higher concentration dosage can lead to over-growth and hair on certain areas inadvertently.

Homeopathic Treatments

Apart from synthetic medications, you can also opt for herbal treatments or the medications made up from natural extracts as a part of female hair loss treatment. Such alternatives claim to have lesser risk, slower pace of progress, and consequently, no side-effects. Homeopathic treatments may be in the form of pills, or extra supplements that you require to intake as per directions.

Saw Palmetto is a renowned herbal treatment option available to women. Its principle is to block the production of testosterone naturally and following this procedure culminates into successful re-growth of hair.

There are also herbs like Sage and Rosemary which are boiled in water and then made into a tincture which is to be applied regularly on the required hair portions as a shampoo. Home remedies like massaging the scalp with specific oils are also advisable. These provide nutrients and stimulate the hair follicles by correct massage to grow again. It’s imperative that you select what is the most suitable remedial measure for your condition. For this, you should research well yourself and necessarily take guidance from an experienced health professional. With appropriate prescription and motivational follow up, you can regain your confidence with hair.

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