Causes Of Female Hair Loss

Causes Of Female Hair Loss

Despite the fact that very few women ever experience balding, most women do experience excessive hair loss at some points in their lives. There are so many causes of female hair loss so it is very important to determine what triggers the hair loss before women go for treatment. If you are one of those who are having hair problems, you should first delve deeper into the causes of female hair loss before you spend hundreds of dollars on female hair loss remedies. To help you understand the different causes of female hair loss, read on.

Stress And Anxiety

On of the major causes of female hair loss is stress and anxiety. Studies show that women who are going through some stressful times in their lives and those who are suffering from anxiety disorders tend to lose more hair strands per day than those women who are mentally and emotionally healthy. If you have been through some really trying times lately, do not be overly alarmed if your hair starts falling on the floor. Female hair loss caused by stress and anxiety is temporary in nature and it only lasts as long as you are overly stressed out. To keep your hair from failing off your scalp, learn to manage your stress and lead a normal life. If things get really difficult at work and at home, take a few days off from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Hormonal Imbalance

According to experts, hormonal imbalance can cause female hair loss so there is a big possibility that women who are going through menopause will experience hair loss. If you are already in your middle forties or early fifties, your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes so do not panic if your hair starts to thin out. Most experts agree that it is perfectly normal for women to experience some degree of hair loss at this stage so be cool about the whole thing. Remember that very few women ever go completely bald and that hair loss during menopause is temporary in nature.

Radiation And Chemotherapy

Perhaps the only time that women will ever go completely bald is during a radiation or chemotherapy treatment. We have to understand that these types of treatment are very invasive and they can bring about serious side effects including hair loss. Fortunately, the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy are short lived and people who go through these types of treatment eventually get their hair back.

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