Free Hair Restoration Surgery Offered to Victims of Injury, Cancer or Skin Diseases

Free Hair Restoration Surgery Offered to Victims of Injury, Cancer or Skin Diseases

Dr. Marco Barusco, a hair transplantation surgeon based in Florida, has launched a free hair restoration program targeting victims of traumatic injury, radiotherapy, or skin diseases who have suffered patches of hair loss or experienced scarring that can be hidden by hair but who are unable to afford the cost of hair transplantation surgery.

Dr. Barusco is the founder of Tempus Hair Restoration. A board-certified hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Barusco was recently featured on the segment "Making a Difference" in Orlando, Florida TV station WKMG Local 6. A Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery since 2001, Dr. Barusco also serves as a current examiner for the Board.

Through this initiative, Dr. Barusco extends his hair restoration therapy beyond the genetic hair loss. The treatment benefits accident victims, cancer patients, and burn victims who have lost patches of hair permanently from their scalp, but are not ruled out of successful hair transplantation procedure. The treatment is offered for free for eligible patients who are found not able to afford the costlier surgical hair transplantation either to fill in patches of baldness or cover unsightly scars on their scalp or face.

The hair transplantation procedure, as explained in the WKMG "Making a Difference" segment, removes patient’s hair from the back of the head - an area in which hair is not genetically programmed to fall out. These hairs are surgically implanted in the area where they are needed. Once implanted, these hairs continue growing there forever.

The surgery typically takes a full day and 6-9 months to see final results.

In an interview with WKMG, Dr. Barusco’s explains the doctor's human side, demonstrating that he never fails to be personally moved by the reactions of his patients, who often return to express their joy at what he’s done for them – meetings which, he admits, often end with both of them in tears.

Dr. Barusco has been practicing hair restoration surgery for over 13 years. He performs the hair implant by adopting "the latest modalities in medical and surgical hair restoration." His other activities include research, medical writing, mentoring, teaching, lecturing, and providing live surgery demonstrations.

Potential candidates can apply for the free hair restoration program through More details of the program are available at Tempus Hair Restoration Web site.

Another hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Dan McGrath from Austin, is offering free hair transplant surgery to patients suffering from hair loss. Interested candidates are invited to share a post on how a hair transplant would impact their life on McGrath Medical's Facebook page - All submissions will be reviewed by Dr. McGrath on November 24th and five finalists will be selected. The finalists will be announced via McGrath Medical's Facebook page and the public will have the opportunity to vote for the finalist they'd like to see receive the free hair transplant (a $12,500 value).


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