Rene Furterer Announces New Range of Shea-Based KARITE Hair Care Products

Rene Furterer Announces New Range of Shea-Based KARITE Hair Care Products

Hair stylist Rene Furterer is launching a new KARITE range of three hair care products specially formulated for damaged hair.

The three products geared towards promoting a healthy scalp include Intense nourishing oil, Intense nourishing shampoo, and Intense nourishing mask. Key ingredients of these three products include Shea, Phospholipids and Cimentrio, which Furterer claims is exclusive to them.

Shea, the key ingredient, is extracted from the nut of the Shea tree in West Africa. The product is rich in fatty acids, Vitamin A, D and E, which are nourishing to hair. Other ingredient, Phospholipids penetrates the deepest layers to help rebuilding while Cimentrio, which includes ceramides and sterols, helps to strengthen and protect the hair. Cimentrio is a hair-replenishing complex that duplicates intercellular cement to strengthen and restructure the hair and scalp.

Furterer advises users to start with the nourishing oil as it offers the benefit of a mask without a lengthy shower wait. They can just spray it on and have shower after a few minutes. It is advised to use no more than twice a week.

Besides the key ingredient Shea, the shampoo also contains Copra Oil-extracted from the coconut which moisturizes and protects devitalized hair and repairs split ends. The product is 100 percent free of Paraben, silicon and sodium chloride.

A super creamy mask, the Nourishing Mask goes deep in the roots to provide extra strength, moisturizer and nutritional benefits. Apply it and leave it on for 5 minutes after shampooing once a week or more if needed, and rinse thoroughly. The Nourishing Mask, available in a 6.8 oz jar, would be sufficient for long-term use. Smaller tube is also available.

The cost of Intense nourishing oil is $36, while that of the intense nourishing shampoo and Intense nourishing mask is $23 and $46 respectively. A smaller tube of nourishing mask is available for $28.

Meanwhile, here are a few suggestions to combat dry scalp in a natural way. Mostly dry scalp is a genetic disorder; however, it can also occur due to external factors like climatic conditions, pollution, lifestyle, and unhealthy hair care habits.


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