Natural Hair Loss Products

Natural Hair Loss Products

For those people that are hunting for good natural hair loss products there are in fact numerous different products to choose from which means that finding the right product becomes a bit of a chore. A good way of making it easy to find the best natural hair loss product is to take advice from the experts that deal with such products on a daily basis. A product that most such experts will recommend is the one called Provillus, which can, in just a space of a few months, do wonders for your hair loss.

No Need For A Prescription

A natural hair loss product such as Provillus can be bought without need for a prescription which means that you do not need to talk about your hair loss problem with strangers. Using a natural hair loss product such as Provillus means that you will get to enjoy certain benefits such as lower DHT levels and your hair too only comes into contact with nutrients that are very hair friendly. It is certainly a natural hair loss product that is best suited for use by a man that has a major male pattern type baldness problem.

Its main ingredients include nettle, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, gotu kola, uva-ursi, Siberian ginseng, vitamin B-6, muria puami and magnesium, biotin and also zinc. All these ingredients ensure that Provillus works equally well on men as it does with women and it is also very good at treating balding crowns, receding hairlines, though not for Alopecia Areata.

Provillus is a wonderful natural hair loss product that helps to tackle hair loss by ensuring inhibiting further formulation of DHT. After a few months of its usage the level of DHT will come down sufficiently to minimize their damaging effects on your hair follicles. This will then put a stop to further hair loss and instead promote hair growth.

This natural hair loss product also has Vitamin B-6 that promotes health of your hair while its Biotin content helps in conditioning hair and your scalp. Magnesium promotes hair growth while zinc keeps the immune system healthy. Saw palmetto lowers the DHT levels and Nettle Root blocks 2 enzymes and 5a-reductase that makes up the aromatase and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) enzyme. Gotu Kola keeps hair growth at optimum levels while uva-ursi strengthens, soothes and lightens tissues that have become inflamed or irritated. Finally muria puama promotes energy metabolism and also protein synthesis.

Female hair loss occurs in a number of different patterns. A woman with such a problem must seek out professional help from their physician and more especially from a hair restoration specialist; the good news is that in most cases this problem can effectively be treated.

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