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3 Days Hair Treatment Program

Turkey is a world leader in hair transplant operations with its more than 400 hair transplant centers, which have concentrated and specialized in hair transplantation operations. The hair transplant centers in Turkey perform cutting-edge technology operations using the latest improvement in hair transplant, called the FUE procedure. And yet, hair transplant centers and teams have different methods of administration in using these technologies, and the most ideal procedure for a patient is decided upon after careful assessment of our patient’s hair.

Our team of specialists, ensure that your hair transplantation is performed by teams licensed and authorized by the Health Ministry of Turkish Republic, and at the very affordable prices.

Your hair transplant results will be topnotch, and exceed your expectations because your hair transplant procedures will be performed under the supervision of Hair Transplant Specialist.


During the consultation, we ask our patients to have photographs of their hair taken at different angles. After an assessment, we inform our patients and talk to them about the details, and do the time planning of the operation together.

After the time planning is complete, we ask our patients to purchase their plane tickets, and send the details of their flights at our email address. Our team will assist and give support to you during your trip.

Day 1

You can book your flight according to your hair transplant schedule. There are currently two international airports in Turkey. We will be waiting for you at the airport where your flight will land. In the event of a delay in your flight, you do not need to worry. We constantly follow your flight status via the flight trackers, and we will be ready to pick you upon your arrival at the airport.

Our English speaking staff will meet you at the airport. Please look for our staff with a pickup card having your name at the arrivals.

Our staff will provide you with a booklet of your treatment program, and inform you about the dates and times of your hair transplant procedures. Our staff will also help you during your hotel check-in. While your hair transplant operation is one day after your arrival, it would be great to keep in mind that you should take a good rest before the operation.

Day 2

Our staff will pick you up at your hotel. They will then transfer you to the clinic where your hair transplant will be performed. Your examination and medical tests will take place shortly after your arrival at the clinic.

Your hair transplant will be performed using the ideal FUE methods, and cutting-edge techniques, under local anesthesia, and in the best conditions for your comfort. During your hair transplant, you can go online or watch TV.

After your hair transplant, our staff will take you to your hotel. You can rest at the comfort of your hotel or enjoy Istanbul.

Day 3

Our staff will pick you up at your hotel. Then bring you to our clinic. Your doctor will perform a follow-up examination.

The decision to go home or stay longer in Istanbul is up to you. You might want to spend more time in Istanbul. It is a city that never sleeps, and it has several historical, cultural, and social attractions.


  • We recommend scheduling at least 2-3-days of stay in Turkey for your hair transplant. You might want to consider combining your holidays with your hair transplant operation bearing in mind that Istanbul is a very beautiful city with lots to offer for everyone.
  • You might fancy several little things in Turkey and want to purchase some souvenirs. Perhaps, packing light for your trip to Turkey is a good idea in case you find goods to your taste, there will be room in your luggage for the items that you purchase in Turkey.

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Translation services
Airport pickup
Flight booking
Phone in the room
Parking available
Medical records transfer
Interpreter services
Hotel booking
Free Wifi
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  • Competitive Price
  • Quality Equipment and Successful Methods
  • Surgeon with more than 20 Years of Experience
  • No waiting lists
  • Unique Culture and Hospitality
  • Most advanced FUE technology
  • Exceptional Quality and Exceptional Value
  • Personal English speaking assistance before, during and after the treatment
  • Accommodation in a five star hotel only minutes away from the clinic
  • All around service, from the arrival at the airport until your departure
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