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Nimclinic Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Clinic

Nimclinic, which has a long history in the field of hair transplantation and aesthetic surgery, is a clinic that has achieved 100% satisfaction rate in its patients. This clinic guarantees the most accurate planning, natural appearance, and high-density hair transplantation.

Nimclinic continues its services in Istanbul with its experienced expert staff. One of the biggest reasons why Nimclinic is so successful is undoubtedly its experienced staff. At the same time, the fact that it is a budget-friendly clinic is another reason for preference. Nimclinic provides services to its patients in the fields of hair transplantation, aesthetics and dental surgery. Both cheap and successful hair transplantation is the primary address of those who are looking for a clinic. Therefore, it has maintained its place at the top of the list of the best hair transplantation centers from the past to the present.

Nimclinic is the best option for those looking for a hair transplantation clinic, where they can get both an affordable and very good hair transplant result for those with limited budgets. It serves with medical aesthetic doctor, plastic surgery specialist, dentist and expert hair transplantation team. Also, it is a special clinic that gathers a specialist staff under one roof. Thanks to successful team, Nimclinic has successfully made it’s name all over the world. Thanks to this success, Nimclinic hair transplantation and aesthetic clinic, which achieves 100% satisfaction rate, achieves results with excellent naturalness.

The Most "Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey" Awards Winner

When we look at Turkey, we see that it is in a leading position in hair transplantation. The main reason for this is that the experts in Turkey have a lot of experience in the field of hair transplantation. When we look at it, thousands of tourists visit the country for hair transplantation and other aesthetic procedures every day. They can get health care and have the opportunity to visit the beauties of the country. In addition, when we look at hair transplantation, the fact that high satisfaction rates are achieved is another reason of choice.

Why Should You Choose Nimclinic ?

Nimclinic has been involved in the hair transplantation industry for more than 20 years. It is a hair transplantation clinic that has achieved 100% satisfaction in its patients until now. They follow the technology closely and also use this technology in the field of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation operations are carried out completely in a sterile environment in the hospital. When we asked people to why do you choose Nimclinic for hair transplant, they always say because of trust and experienced.


Packages cost between

1100€ - 1800€

  • 3 Night 4 Days Luxury Hotel
  • VIP Luxury Transfer
  • COVID Test for the flight
  • Translator for 24/7
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • High-Level Clinic (with the intensive COVID precautions)
  • JCI and ISO 9001 Global Accreditation
  • Ultra-Hygiene Precautions
  • Painless Anesthesia
  • Care Set (healing care lotion, shampoo, and quick healing spray)
  • Intensive PRP and Mesotherapy Application
  • Vitamin Medicines (post-procedure use)
  • Healing Medicines (post-procedure use)
  • Follow-up Process Support for 1 year.



FUE Hair Transplant

Today, FUE hair transplantation technique is one of the most preferred hair transplantation techniques. In this hair transplantation method, hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area with micromotor devices. Then the grafts are transplanted into the hairless area in the patient. This technique, which has a high success rate, has different variations in itself.

DHI Transplant

DHI technique, which has emerged after FUE hair transplantation technique, is preferred because of it has many advantages. For example, in DHI hair transplantation technique, shaving to hair is not necessary. In addition, there is no channel opening stage in DHI technique. The hair follicles are planted directly in the hairless area with special implanter pens whic is called Choi Pen. It also offers a faster recovery on sensitive skin.

Dental Aesthetics

They also offers dental aesthetics services such as dental implants and Hollywood smiles. With modern high-tech devices, it is quite easy and painless for patients to get the smile they want. Due to their success in this field, many patients also prefer Nimclinic in the field of dental aesthetics.





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